LEXLIGA Participates in the First Turkish-Ukrainian Industrial Forum

The first Turkish-Ukrainian Industrial Forum, held on 01 – 04 June 2016, was organized by the Turkish Ukrainian International Business Association (TUID), Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce (KOTO), and Eurasia Economic Relations Association (EkoAvrasya), and became a milestone of Turkey-Ukraine economic relations.

The Ukrainian delegation, headed by Mr.Korol, Vice-President of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, consisted of more than 40 companies, mainly specialized in machinery, agriculture, and consumer industry. On LEXLIGA’s side, attorneys-at-law Yuri Rudenko and Iurii Asadchev were on the delegation.

In the course of the forum, the participants visited various industrial facilities of Kocaeli, the most economically developed region of Turkey, and the 4th longest suspension bridge in the world – Osman Gazi Bridge, the construction of which is to be finished in two months from now.

The forum focused mainly on the development of business between Ukraine and Turkey, and included a string of meetings between businesspersons from the both countries.

LEXLIGA’s team would like to thank the forum organizers and participants for the opportunity to promote Turkish-Ukrainian business relations and for the constructive communication.

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